Thursday, 25 August 2011

Homemade Napoletana Pizza recipe (Gino D'Acampo)

If you ever wanted to cook a pizza from scratch then this simple recipe from Gino D'Acampo should do the trick. I would invest in getting a good pizza stone, it just makes the whole thing and the crusty base so much better! Go on, give it a try, there is nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying your very own homemade pizza and once you have made it once you will never buy another carry out pizza again!


Haley McAdams said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe it's definitely a really good reward for my brother who got his TABC Certification Online last week. But still work on the dough first. I'm not really the cook-type but I'd like to do something special for him.

kenny said...

Your welcome Haley, Thanks for visiting my blog, keep in touch.

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